Day 2-3: Lower Chakra releasing

21 Days of Energy Healing Training: Notes on my journey & questions sent to my teacher


According to my teacher, the body will work on releasing blockages in the lower chakras 1~3 days after attunement.

I ‘m getting into the habit to send you notes on how I’m doing daily. Let me know if this might become too much information?
Day 2 / 2/16
The self-healing session didn’t feel as in-depth. Maybe I’m not taking enough time to relax and focus on the intention to heal. There was some “I did it once and now I know how it is” kind of sloppiness.
Day 3 / 2/17
Today I felt my hands are not as warm, although I did feel the warmth at the solar plexus. (Is the 7th hand position meant for the solar plexus?) I was interrupted by a surge of emotion and cried that time (evoked by getting in touch with a past wound today). Overall I was a little more aware of how my body moves in response to breathing.
This evening I also feel like heading in to cleansing of the sacral chakra. Will the phase really be steady at 3 days per chakra? Also the eye twitching has not happened again.
Is this kind of healing (chakra healing? Reiki healing?) like exercising to stay healthy, instead of mending a certain problem? For example if I’m feeling negative or hurt from an event, is there a certain kind of healing to address it, or it will still be addressing different chakras and the qualities they govern?


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