Imagining and faking energy

“Call Power back from all the times it has been used against you.” This sticked with me today as I reread T Thorn Coyle’s passage about the Iron Pentacle.

“If you cannot believe or feel any of this, you can imagine the work. Whatever you can imagine, you can begin to manifest, opening to changes energetically, physically, spiritually, or psychologically.”

She advised kind of a “aim for the moon” and “fake it till you make it” mentality, which bring us further than we currently believe we can go.

I, on the other hand, have been timid and humble and deeply believe “I can’t feel it” and “I shall not fake that I can.” I often preferred nothing over something exaggerated – it is a virtue!

Well, in many cases, it is self-limiting. The point is not pretending to be who we’re not. The point is to have a desire for greater and further growth. It’s hard to grow when you take limits seriously and belittle dreams and visions.

So, at the point of Power, it struck me that I used power against myself a lot. My right fist had the urge to beat myself in the chest, illustrating what I’ve been doing. Gosh, isn’t it silly. I have so much power from within, and I spend it on beating up myself.

Next time, I will still unconsciously lock up myself and beat up myself, However, I’ll be watching out for that.

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