Day 1: First self-healing after Attunment

21 Days of Energy Healing Training: Notes on my journey & questions sent to my teacher


I was told by the teacher that doing less worldly and working hard internally seems more like the majority than the minority. Her assurance and acknowledgement was very satisfying emotionally and intellectually. This day I came across a local holistic health store and for the first time felt at easy and comfortable there.
Just out of curiosity – how would you know if an attunement did not work? Also, how much details and progress do you expect us long distance students to record and send to you? How would you know if we’re practicing daily, are on the right track, and can earn the certificate?
Yesterday I met with a friend who is going through rough times. Forgetting to close down my chakras before heading out, and naturally always trying to feel what my friends feel, I carried the weight home and became a bit depressed myself. I checked with the e-manual and this pretty much matched the condition of the first day root chakra cleansing as well.
In response to the lightheadedness I told you about, I also decided to work more with the lower chakras.  Consulting the e-manual, I find most of my chakras are underactive, from root to throat (except heart).
The first impression I got from self healing was “Oh my god! My hands are so warm!” They were radiating heat on my eyes and it felt so so so nice. Because of clothing, it didn’t feel as strong at the lower chakras.
Amazingly, words of healing and guidance came flowing nonstop out of my mouth (in English, my second language!) when working with the root chakra. It feels like I was doing myself a service!
I think I have a big blockage at my throat chakra (I have small voice and timid tone) and as I worked on that part, I realized my throat feels dry and a little scratchy. It could have resulted from not drinking enough water. I had a desire to put my hands there for long and heal it with my warmth.
I was uncertain what “energy” should feel and mostly just felt body warmth and fuzzy numbness (from holding hands in place for too long). After the whole cycle, I did the extra exercise for root chakra. The entire process was about 50 min.

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