First work with the Iron Pentacle

Iron Pentacle sounded like a good idea that blurs five human qualities inseparable in spiritual growth. I knew that until I “worked” with it, it has little impact and meaning.

After attunement and an out-of-the-closet conversation with a friend about energy working, I am now more confident in working with energy – more observant to notice new experiences, and more patient to deal with unsureness.

The first Iron Pentacle working is calling the energy back for sex, pride, self, power, and passion.

The energy of Sex can be recalled from feelings, actions and relationships reminding you of anything sexual. Starting here, it was hard to distinguish sex from pride because so much of it comes with shame and powerlessness. Starting here, I recalled experiences and ideas.

Going to Pride, I sense a liquid, metallic silver white connection that’s alive but somewhat stagnant. I tried to think about what pride is for me and feel it swimming to me with calm, joyous power. Yes, I can recall the energy of pride by remembering my friend’s smiling faces, approval and expectations. I can recall a sense of pride within me in the darkest corners that’s like a murdered baby. I try to feel the two connect, leading the outside into my dark inside, and persuading my dark insides to receive the light outside.

How does Pride feed Self? Self felt blank. I don’t know where to look. It’s like a small void where pride knocks and falls into a black hole. How come I can feel pride but has little self as substance to deliver it? I recall images people project back at me, and recall how I project myself in the world. Okay, that nice, timid woman who says less than she thinks, sometimes warm and sometimes distant, sometimes passionate and sometimes self-sabotaging, with specific passions that she’s not bringing forward to shine. Oh. Sex is a life force that feeds my Pride, and Pride wants to feed into my Self.

I faced my palm of Self upwards to pass the connection to my right hand of Power. I can gradually feel warm burning sensation. The link is not strong, but they are connected through my heart and it feels like a reliable middleman. As I lead power to Passion, I can sense how my left foot of Passion feels cool. It’s inactive. As I recall childhood affirmations, happy experiences and unfinished works, I needed to pull resources from Power and Self. By pulling out of need, my foot feel warmer and sense of Self grew clearer. Self is becoming more important and recognize it has meanings.

Also, Passion has more meaning when I look at things I don’t like in life and figure out why I let them be. Am I escaping from confronting it? Or did I forgot the passion behind the hardships?

Going back to sex, I can sense how accomplishing works of passion will feed my energy of Sex. I just feel sexy and confident when I fulfill my passions.

As the Goddess draws the circle around me, I can feel tingling sensations (somewhat lagging) at each point, some noticeable some barely. I now believe that tingling can be the energy, or a message from spirit allies, or nothing more than a physical body reaction.


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