Day 0: Reiki Attunement

21 Days of Energy Healing Training: Notes on my journey & questions sent to my teacher


I received the attunements on a Saturday evening. I drifted away and felt asleep quickly. I woke up suddenly a few times: One time I started taking deep breaths. Another time I just repeated the intention aloud swift and clear. Another time I stretched and smiled like dancing lying down. The last time I was conscious was 35 minutes after starting the session.
It wasn’t a very restful night. I had some things on my mind.
I felt my eyeballs became very active some time into the session. I woke up to inflammation spots on both cheekbones!
How do we know if the session worked properly? Can I do it again? Did I lose something by “sleeping” through it?
The night before I did this, I practiced Doreen Virtue’s life regression meditation. Angels and past lives were areas I never felt called to familiarize myself with. I even wonder how meditations like this differ from dreaming or imagination. Under the guided meditation, I did see two stories unfold (which were supposed to be two of my past lives) and I unexpectedly cried during the first one. It was curious because I was feeling very unbalanced in life – too much thoughts, emotions, spiritual thinking and very little practical living and working. I even found this article and identified with all of the bullet points:
Is Your Spirituality Making You Unbalanced?
So this is my question. I feel ashamed to seek spiritual path when actually not so much is happening in real life. I’ve became reclusive, not very responsible and not very passionate during the past two years (although improving a lot in 2015). I was also getting away with it with a part-time job and not-so-busy and low-income freelance works. I believe spiritual work is part of my mission of this life. But I also feel not busy enough earth-wise, and therefore ashamed about pursuing spirituality (as if an escapism). I am curious if you ever find that kind of imbalance? What do you advise to treat this journey as a valuable work, alongside other earthly works, and not feel guilty about it?

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