Day N: Before actually Doing Anything

21 Days of Energy Healing Training: Notes on my journey & questions sent to my teacher


I randomly came across an online energy healing training course and in just a few days, decided to go for it. After I signed up, read the manual and before actually doing anything, I had these questions sent to the Master:

When does the class actually begin and we kick off the 1st week? Also, am I supposed to schedule a time with you for the cleansing session?

When learning about energy, I tend to be stuck in the intellectual side (reading, thinking) and had trouble with the experiential side of things. What is the best way for me to approach your class?

Do you mean you have already performed the session and I just have to receive it?

I feel guided coming across your class. For a while I have been self learning about energy, and went through the phases of doubtful to invest in a class and then stressful that I couldn’t find a class. Then I saw your website and class, which offered just the amount of cost and interaction I was ready for.
In the beginning of my journey, I rejected learning through the chakra system (knowing that it is fundamental of many practices). I just took in bits of information and felt it was a faraway and vague system that’s Buddhism oriented. When I was going through your materials, I realized through my bits of practice and reading, they are actually coming together: the knowledge, the intuition, how they link to my inner problems. Now I have an open feeling that it’s my ally and it comes from within me, not an outside experience anymore.
I have a question. I work from home and live outside of my own country, therefore spend a good amount of time not interacting with people. Would most of my energetic problems come from my own? Or would I still be very influenced by the energy of others (whom I talk with on the phone, who’s on my mind, neighbor & community, people on my street etc.)
I received very understanding and right to the point answers. It was a great start to the first homework – performing the distant cleansing session.

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