Day N+1: Energy Cleansing

21 Days of Energy Healing Training: Notes on my journey & questions sent to my teacher


I just finished the cleansing session last night. Have you done the attunements already and I receive them any time as well? Sorry that this questions seem repeating. It’s like imagining they don’t work with time and space the way we know it? Also, is the main difference between cleansing and attunements the intention?
[Yes, after these initial confusion, I led myself to let go of the belief that this has to be something done in person, face to faec, at the same time. Intention makes the difference.]
I realize my body and mind get tense when my good friends are reaching for me during rough times. I love to support my friends but learned that I’ve tried to be so open and take everything in, and now need to set some kind of boundary so that I can love them without dragging myself down. I actually feel so bad when I can empathize with them, meaning I’ve become just as sad instead of a positive support. This is the first time life manifested to me what energy/emotional boundary means.
Thoughts and images about childhood have been popping up during my journey. Can’t wait to face a lifetime of blockages lol
I don’t know how much of these body information are relevant –
I did have many vivid dreams last night after the cleansing, all the way till morning. I woke up dizzy at first, then to a headache at my temples (quite common) and forehead (which is strange!) Also I woke up to some small swollen spots on my face like mosquito bites (sometimes happen due to allergy, not enough sleep, or any imbalance I didn’t know the cause of.) Yesterday and the day before my stomach was kind of active (lots of moving and going out!)
[Reply: Some discomfort are signs of cleansing and letting go of energy experience/energy/emotions. Inflammation might be related to low boundaries.]
Day after cleansing:
I decided to wait another day to feel everything before receiving the attunements. If I don’t receive them, what happens to the intention and energy you’ve sent out?
Today I practiced closing down the chakras on the bus. It fell good, and I felt more connected with some good inner sources that’s been becoming available since the past weekend.
Symbolically though, blowing out candles feel like turning off my energy centers, telling them to stop working. It feels strange to me to not feel myself down in order to build a boundary from others?
 I took 5 full days of resting before receiving the attunements. On the 4th day, I did a Doreen Virtue life regression guided meditation and it opened some things up in me. During the session, I opened my mouth, taking long, deep breaths, and this kind of breathing has stayed with me ever since. I would breathe in this super full, deep way when I’m relaxed, anxious, or self healing. I suddenly felt aromatherapy could benefit too (since I have a bad nose – very insensitive to smell).

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