Living as solitary practicing

When it comes to faith and beliefs, there are times for community, and there are times for solitude.

Often times for solitary practitioners, it can be frustrating when there is no one to reach to for help, to discuss confusions, or vent out our distress to. A community is always what we yearn for when practicing a belief.

Luckily, there are some times we enjoy solitude, being alone with the goddess and the fey. Although spirituality is indeed personal, we do get a kind of joy being alone that is different from being alone in a community.

When in a community, we are already brought to the presence and awareness of the faith and divinity around us. But when we are alone, it’s not easy to always remember and be mindful.

That’s why it’s easy to feel lonely as a solitary.

However, the joy of solitary is special because it often comes from tiny little unexpected corners that tells us the mundane everyday life is not so mundane. It often comes sprinkling magic over what we thought it loneliness oruninspired-ness.

When I think of a passage I read.

When I touch a branch on the street.

When the breeze comes and I am reminded of our presence.

When the smell of season’s food comes and mere consumption turns into thoughts of making and harvest.

When I see the bigger picture and feel conflict with others dissolving into one whole cycle.

There are times I actually want to experience for myself, and by myself, not wanting guidance, companion or disclosure.

As a part of my path, I want to know what I am experiencing and how I am taking in those experiences.

When I notice I can connect to the goddess, the fey or the world in a mere second of a plain, everyday routine, there is the proof that I connect.

And it brings me joy, peace and strength.

It will serve for my next coming hours, coming days, knowing I connect. Without having to console a book, ask for opinions, or join other people’s activities, I still connect.

Little by little, this makes me strong.

The loneliness and emptiness when I lost those connections don’t add up.

The joy and the belief when I do connect, even though I am all alone, adds up.



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