Energy & falling asleep

I fall asleep quite easily.

At the first level, I don’t have trouble falling asleep everyday. Noise and light doesn’t bother me too much.

At the second, I enjoy going to sleep, the status of putting my mind to rest and let the spirit and the body pull everything together.

At the third level, I get pulled into sleep easily when working with energy and the unconscious. I’m not really sure what I’m talking about at this point. This is where my journey is right now.

I only have a handful of visualization and energy working experience that I am not yet sure what the process means for me. Out of about 7 led group visualizations I have experienced, I fell asleep in half of them. I wasn’t aware of the statistics until I talked to Michael Dunning.

Falling asleep during spiritual practice felt like failure until he validated it as a fact for me. Based on his craniosacral and embryology theories, this could has to do with the power of energy in fluid forms taking over the consciousness. “It’s not falling asleep. It is a shift of consciousness. Things are still working underneath.” It might be that stirring the energy was something I wasn’t used to, or couldn’t handle, so fell into the state of sleep, as a way to balance?

“It’s not something wrong or mistakes. Notice if there are patterns.” From this point I realize I should be observing all these experiences, instead of dismissing them as mistakes. That’s why when I looked back, I could recount some falling-asleep experience.

“Your path might be a very winding, subtle, but powerful one.” I wish I could continue to take note of the different situations of falling asleep, and recognize differences between tired-falling-asleep and energy-pulling-me-to-sleep.

Today the super moon falls at Pisces. Today I have been drifting all day. In the morning, I stayed late in bed, tossing and turning with thoughts and new thoughts — trying to grow out of patterns. Eventually, I did reach a point where my mental state felt resolved, and was willing to get out of bed.

I kept myself on the ground with mundane tasks, but during the day I kept going back to bed, surrounding myself with ideas and vacuum state and reading and falling asleep. After 2 hours of late afternoon nap, I finally woke up to the full moon. As the sun sets, I blinked with a sense of reality dawning, finally feel like coming back to earth.

There’s not enough information or theory to make sense of this day. I might have just been lazy. But every time, if this happens — I need to figure out what’s the best to do. Allow myself to go through that altered state, or try my best to stay in the mundane.

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